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Gaviotas (Social Design Notes)

Gaviotas: The Village Who Planted Trees

Colombia’s Model City

An Interview with Paolo Lugari, Founder of Las Gaviotas (Yes! Magazine)

Dispatches From a Colombian Utopia

Time for Utopia

Gaviotas: It takes a village to save the world

Reforestation: Las Gaviotas, Colombia

Friends of Gaviotas

Worldchanging: Gaviotas

Paolo Lugari: Renaissance Man- Gaviotas

Gaviotas: Village of Hope


NYPD Protect and Serve and Break Kids’ Hearts

Jobs Not Cuts: UK Strikes Against Austerity

Cleveland: Industrial-Sized Co-ops

Greece’s New Government Faces Fresh Strikes Against Austerity

Entrepreneurs of cooperation
Before Social Security and the WPA, the Unemployed Exchange Association rebuilt a collapsed economy

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