by Nathan Revercomb

O, Humanity! How have you sat idly bye for so long, waiting for someone else to set you free?

These times we live in may very well prove to be the birthing of a new and wondrous era. An era of cooperation instead of conflict. Peace instead of war. Freedom instead of subjugation. An era where our planet regains its health and our civilization truly progresses. An era of abundance. An era of beauty.

Towards this great new beginning various and myriad organizations, peoples, movements, and actions have taken place and will surely only progress both in scope and creativity. While the establishment views these dissenting voices as being marginal, confusing, isolated or somehow removed from one another, they are in fact all pieces of a greater global movement. A singular movement to liberate the Human Spirit and a massive push to reclaim our world!

Like any new era, this one marks the end of previous one. That era was the age of tyranny, destruction, greed, theft, deceit, exploitation, war, and slavery.

The aim of this blog is to illustrate that the birth of this new era is of a singular global push by “we, the people” against the chains that bind us both figuratively and literally. To show that petty labels, borders, time, and geography are meaningless to this infant paradigm. I will attempt to demonstrate the interconnections between these varied elements and how they are all attacking the problems of the world in ways that the rich and powerful either cannot or will not.


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27 11 2011

Hi Nathan: I am the writer of the wordpress blog, thepeoplesdirectdemocracy. You emailed me via thepeoplesdirectdemocracy@yahoo.ca, but and after computer problems I have been locked out of my blogsite (lost password) so I searched out your writing and quite like your vigourous activism. I would like to link to your blog and I invite you to check out my new blogsite at the new address pushinback.wordpress.com (in a couple of days).

If you would never go out of your way to defame, but at the same time wouldn’t pull a punch when it comes to Governments or representatives, I am interested in your writing. And so far I have liked what I have seen.

Kindest regards,


2 12 2011

occupy kansas city is located at http://www.occupykc.net

4 12 2011

Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it!

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