12 04 2012

Yurts And Things

I’m excited daily when I read articles of people taking the step of living off the grid, moving into less environmentally impacting dwellings, and taking care of the environment. I live in a community that is fairly organic, we don’t use chemicals or leave them around and somehow with that care my dog got poisoned, luckily she lived but another dog on the property didn’t.  Sometimes just  the smallest thing can be harmful enough to kill or even affect our health and we don’t know it’s there.

There are so many things we can do, recycle, upcycle, grow our own food, use grey water or rain collected for our garden, and use natural and organic materials as much as possible in our homes and space (such as composting).  This year I am experimenting with a few things as the weather gets better. Some friends and I are going…

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12 04 2012

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