Occupy Bus–Social Resistance Logistics

14 01 2012

from Citezens News Daily

Occupy Bus is an organization that supports the Occupy movement originally started on Wall Street but continues throughout America.

We do this by providing the infrastructure necessary for people to get together online and make trips happen. For those who can’t Occupy themselves, donations to others can be put in the community pool. Occupiers not able to pay their way can use these reservations to get to the Occupation point.

Reserving a seat will go towards the minimum number needed to confirm a bus. Once that number is hit, we will let everyone reserved know to start making preparations. Deployment to the city happens soon after and a full bus of fresh Occupiers join the movement. Anyone needing a ride back home can jump on the bus for free.

We are currently offering service to all the major Occupation cities from surrounding cities along routes designed to quickly fill a bus. If you would like to get a group together locally, email us and we’ll add your city to the list.

Email us with any questions you may have: info@occupybus.com

Website: http://www.occupybus.com




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