Tom Morello: The 12/12 West Coast Port Shutdown!

11 12 2011

Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine expressing his support for The December 12th West Coast Port Shutdown.

The shutdown is a co-ordinated response by the Occupy Wall Street movement to the brutal, co-odinated repression of OWS by the 1%.

It is also in solidarity with the longshoremen’s struggle in Longview, WA, against the union-busting activities of the international grain exporter, EGT.

As well, it’s in solidarity with port truckers, largely immigrant, who are grossly underpaid and whose efforts to collectively bargain for higher wages have been thwarted by Goldman Sachs, who owns SSA terminals.

Every seaport, from Anchorage to San Diego will be shut down.
All of the Occupy encampments in Texas are coming together to shut down the port of Houston.
Occupy Denver and Occupy Salt Lake will be shutting down the Walmart distribution center.
In Chiba City, Japan, railworkers will block the shipment of EGT grain.

Tom Morello is a successful musician who has made music with lyrics that encourage this sort of action. He has been known to materially and financially support actual revolutionary movements- from mass movements for reform to armed struggle- throughout the world.




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