Occupy New Orleans Evicted and Re-Occupied, Occupy Hartford Encampment Cleared by Police

7 12 2011

Taken from Democracy Now!

Occupy Encampments Cleared in New Orleans, Hartford

In Occupy Wall Street news, the Occupy encampment in New Orleans was dismantled in a police operation on Tuesday. Protesters, however, have returned after winning a court order barring their displacement. Meanwhile in Connecticut, police have cleared the Occupy encampment in Hartford. One protester was arrested.

Occupy Hartford released this statement:

Media Alert regarding OH Eviction

Subject: MEDIA ALERT: 12-6-11Hartford officials call for State Police to assist in Confiscation & Arrests at OccHtfd’s Turning Point Park, 6 pm; Asylum at Farmington Av, Hartford CT Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 17:07:59 -0500

This morning, the Hartford police delivered a message from the Mayor of Hartford and his representatives calling on Occupy Hartford campers at Turning Point Park to vacate by 6 pm this evening or risk arrest.

Then a police presence of more than 30 cruisers and at least as many officers surrounded the encampment site and created a physical and symbolic barrier of cruisers all along Broad street and Farmington Av and would not allow anyone to enter the space without police escort. One person was arrested this morning for attempting to walk onto the TPP site; also, a vehicle was towed away.

In addition, media were at first not permitted onto the site; eventually, they negotiated a deal whereby they were only permitted one-by-one for limited amounts of time to go across the street to the encampment and speak with occupiers.

The police presence was maintained for the entire afternoon as members of Occupy Hartford arrived with cars and vans to take away their possessions. When asked about the excessive police presence, Captain Joseph Buyak’s justification was that he needed to assure the “safety of his officers.”

He was adamant that confiscation of property and arrests of occupiers will begin immediately at 6 pm this evening.

Meanwhile, occupiers have gradually been able to remove personal possessions and are working to take donated supplies of coats and blankets, paper goods, canned food and reusable, recyclable materials off the site to a safe location prior to the police gathering the remains & placing them in the sanitation trucks that also have been present today.

The occupiers who were on the site when the police came were not permitted to leave and return so had to stay there as the rains came. Approximately 10 of them met to determine future actions. One item for discussion was the clean-up of the park which occupiers had promised the city they would do.

For additional info, call: JoAnne Bauer, 860-233-7852 or 860-655-2238 (cell).

Occupy Hartford

Occupy New Orleans




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