Portland Re-Occupies

3 12 2011

taken from OccupyWallSt.org

Occupy Portland has reoccupied a new home. Marchers arrived at Shemanski Park at the corner of SW Park & Salmon around 5pm PST today and began setting up tents, canopies, and other infrastructure. Two police with batons arrived and threatened the crowd, but were shouted down by the jubilant Occupiers and eventually left. There is an open kitchen and live music on stage. As of 6:30pm PST, there were already over 20 tents set up.

There will be a General Assembly at 7pm PST. Occupy Portland is anticipating an eviction and encourages all supporters in the area to join them in peaceful, nonviolent solidarity tonight! You can also follow @OccupyPdx and @OccupyOregon on Twitter.

Like other occupations across the country, Occupy Portland has recently experienced police repression and was evicted from their original encampment. However, as in other cities, Occupiers have not allowed this to deter their efforts to protest economic inequality. In Portland, supporters have been organizing mobile flash mobs on bicycles to “bike swarm” banks. Meanwhile, Occupations in Los Angeles, Boston, and elsewhere marched today. In Philadelphia, Occupy Philly marched to proclaim: “You Can’t Evict an Idea.”




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