3,000 people of Washington State Occupy the Capital

30 11 2011

taken from OccupyOlympia.org
by Monte

On November 28th, 2011, over 3,000 college professors, teachers, students, labor unions, families, retirees, veterans and citizens from all over the country assembled in solidarity to occupy the Olympia State Legislative Capitol building.

Washington labor unions that participated include Teamsters, SEIU, IWW, WEA and IBEW among others. Political groups such as the Green Party of Washington and the Thurston County Democratic Society also attended. Professors from Seattle Central Community College, South Puget Sound Community College, The Evergreen State College and Saint Martin’s College were also present, as well as students from across the state. In addition, advocacy groups such as fuse, MoveOn, Socialist Alternative, and ISO. There was also a presence of occupations from across the state & country including Forks, Bellingham, Tacoma, Olympia, Everett, Shelton, Federal Way, Seattle, Spokane, Port Angeles, Portland and Wall Street.

The people of Washington State and surrounding areas united inside the rotunda building at the State Capital and hosted the first Washington State Peoples’ General Assembly at 6:00 pm. Topics included unification of all Washington State occupations, non-violent protest practices and the proposed budget cuts.

Around 2:00 pm inside the Senate chambers Washington citizens used the Peoples’ Mic to address the two Senators who were present; Senators Frazier and Chase. The Peoples’ Mic announcement included the rising cost of education in Washington State, the Sales Tax increase, the decision to stop funding Basic Health, a proposal to create a state bank modeled after the one created by North Dakota, the divestment of all state funds from private banks to said State Bank, and a revision of the B&O Tax to increase the financial burden on large corporations and decrease the burden on small businesses.

Senator Chase then used the People’s Mic to communicate with the people of Washington State. She repeatedly stated that the only alternatives to the Sales Tax were an income tax and a B&O tax increase. She pleaded repeatedly for the people to call our Senators and Congressmen to back an income tax. She also stated that if there was sufficient support for such an income tax, she would support the measure.




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