Still Occupied! Occupy LA & Philly Hold Their Ground

28 11 2011

by Nathan Revercomb

Well after the 12 noon deadline the LAPD seems to be backing off. Previously, the Police announced they could move to evict the peacful assembly of occupy protesters as early as midnight but have since recanted. Police Chief Charlie Beck said, “There is no concrete deadline”, and city officials have said they will only move in on the camp when conditions are safest for both protesters and police. Both of which seem to have bluffed and the occupiers in Los Angeles seem to have called it. Their resolve is unbreakable in this the greatest movement of our lifetime.

Occupy LA is now moving to seek a court to prevent their eviction, though with the police state that is America there is a slim chance that one will be granted. Though if they do receive one, it is doubtful that Mayor Villraigosa will make backroom deals to overturn it the way fascist Bloomberg did.

Beck went further to say that he wanted to avoid the “drama” of other evictions like the ones in recent weeks across the nation as we saw in New York, Seattle, Portland and Oakland.

In Philadelphia, police also failed to meet the dealine set for Sunday by Mayor Nutter and stalward occupiers there have also held their ground at Dilworth Plaza.

Here’s what’s been going on (taken from OccupyWallSt

-10:54pm EST: Still there, still peaceful, still no arrests.

-7:15pm EST: Still at Dilworth! General Assembly underway.

-6:53pm EST: Police presence reported to be thinning.

-5:43pm EST: Police are blocking off public park. Occupy Philly still urging supporters to gather, bring cameras!

-4:40pm EST: More police are reported seen massing near the plaza, but have not yet made any attempt to evict. Occupy Philly is still holding strong at Dilworth, planning to hold General Assembly!

-12:58pm EST: Occupy Philly will be gathering at 4pm today at Dilworth Plaza**, not at Rittenhouse Square. Please come out and support us as we make plans for the future of our movement in Philly.

-12:32pm EST: According to Twitter report, power has been shut off at Occupy Philly this morning.

-11:03am EST: From a Facebook post:
“Our eviction party last night started off at 5pm with about a thousand supporters and an open mic about what kind of world we want to live in. Then we had a dance party, a conga line to Thomas Paine Plaza, and a 5am march against traffic to Rittenhouse Square, where we strolled past police cars at every entrance. Eviction didn’t happen, but a lot of fun did! Please go to Occupy Philly to support and relieve people who’ve been up ALL NIGHT holding the space against the eviction!! We called Nutter’s bluff and are still going strong! Much love crew!!! And come and join us tonight.” SEE PHOTOS: OccupyPhilly on Facebook

Occupy Los Angeles

OccupyWallSt (which aside from having great info on OWS itself, is a great Occupy Movement news source)




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