Occupy Oklahoma City Now Facing Eviction TONIGHT

28 11 2011

taken from OccupyWallSt

While Occupations in Los Angeles and Philadelphia are still holding strong (as of 11pm EST) and Washingtonians are occupying their State Capitol, the encampment at Occupy Oklahoma City is now under threat of eviction.

City officials declined to renew a permit application and announced that overnight encampment will no longer be “tolerated” at Kerr Park, where the Occupation is currently centered. Officials also stated that the Occupiers will not be granted a permit at any other location. OccupyOKC had previously been paying $55 per day for the permit. After the city refused to accept payment for a renewal, the police department told the Occupiers in a letter to expect eviction between 11 p.m. to 5 a.m tonight. Several Occupiers have stated they are prepared to be arrested nonviolently.

During the Black Friday national day of action against consumerism, several Occupy OKC members were arrested inside a Walmart. Occupy OKC participants used the people’s mic inside to show support for employees who had to work that day. Police allegedly over-responded, tackling protesters and using force against the peaceful disruption.

Occupy OKC has said they plan to begin live-streaming once police arrive.




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