Occupy Philly Facing Eviction TODAY

27 11 2011

taken from OccupyWallSt.org

Despite having senta letter of appeal to City Hall, Occupy Philadelphia has announced they are facing imminent eviction:

[Mayor] Nutter has joined the chorus of Mayors nationwide to silence and render invisible this movement against Wall Street greed. The City told us to leave City Hall with all of our belongings by 5pm today. At 5pm let’s show them how much support this movement has. Come to City Hall and stand with the 99%! Chances are police will not move in at that time. The City will probably unleash them in the middle of the night to start ripping down tents and displacing the homeless.

Occupy Philly also released the following statement urging solidarity from the 99% and offering ways for supporters to help today:

-Make & bring tons of banners (e.g., “You can’t evict an idea whose time has come”), signs, & literature

-convince tons & tons of your friends, neighbors, colleagues, relatives, & others to come to OP tomorrow

-bring camera and recorders, to do copwatch & make media (register & post your own media at http://occupyphillymedia.org)

-engage in a variety of ways, from helping folks without other homes to relocate, to creatively demonstrating & messaging, to being a witness & standing in solidarity, etc.

-get plenty of sleep & eat well beforehand

-write down the OP legal collective number, 484-758-0488, and know your most basic right–to remain silent

-Friends Center should be open starting at 5 pm at “safe” space for those who need it

-For more details, come to OP at 10 am, noon, or definitely by 3 pm., organize through your OP working group or an affinity group, and stay tuned to “Occupy Philadelphia” on Facebook and http://occupyphillymedia.org Stay strong!

Here are other plans for today in Philly:

-10 am, for those who’ve been involved in the occupation, meet at Dilworth to prep the plaza

-noon, supporters from OWS and other occupations arrive

-3 pm, meet at the GA area to go over protest & other plans

-5 pm, be ready for the eviction

-later Sunday evening, join in jail solidarity, if needed

-4 pm the day after our eviction, regroup at Rittenhouse Square (i.e., Monday at 4 pm, if we’re evicted on Sunday night)

Occupy Philly has been occupying Dilworth Plaza for months. Weeks ago, Mayor Nutter and the City offered Occupy Philly a “compromise” by promising to issue a permit for protesters to stay in Thomas Paine Plaza between the hours of 9am to 7pm, with no tents. But our fundamental right to assemble in peaceful protest cannot be subject to city curfews and anti-speech ordinances. Seeking justice is not a 9 to 5 activity. Moreover, because of corporate greed and the vast economic inequalities it creates, many occupiers are actually homeless, and cannot simply “give up their tents” and go home. In rejecting the city’s untenable proposal, Occupy Philly stands not only with homeless occupiers, but with all who believe our basic rights cannot be quashed by municipal fiat.

We are not only protesting economic inequality. We are creating new democratic structures, new ways of living together, and new ways of supporting each other.

We are the 99% — and we aren’t going anywhere.

LINK: Occupy Philadelphia LiveStream




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27 11 2011

London Occupy Activist – Tahrir Inspired Everyone

Josh is very articulate – we see a bit of the personal in him as well as a very erudite assessment of the growing worldwide revolution. He also explains how he was charged with assaulting a Police Officer.

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