Resistance 2.0

26 11 2011

Taken from the July 2011 issue of National Geographic Magazine

“The Failed Silence

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak took a drastic step before his ouster: He tried to shut down his country’s Internet. In an effort to silence critics, the Mubarak government took major Internet service providers off-line. Data scientist Kovas Boguta created this graphic to show how the cutoff and eventual restoration affected Twitter users in the Middle East. Twitter is a social media service through which brief messages can be relayed to thousands at once. Boguta’s sample consists of a selection of Mideast Twitter users who included the keywords (called hashtags) #Jan25 and #Tahrir in messages.”- National Geographic Magazine


The internet has proven time and again that not Government power and no corporate power can possibly compete with the 99 percent. The internet and especially social networking have become integral to global resistance to tyranny. In fact, the net has always been the greatest expression, thus far, of decentralization, horizontalism, and non-hierarchical organization to date. It is a new expression of democracy without the state, and though governments like Mubarak’s have tried to quell it, they have failed. Even if they are successful, I doubt that people would not eventually find a way to circumvent the blackouts.




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