Occupy Atlanta Fights Foreclosure

14 11 2011

Taken from Occupy Together’s Occupation report (11/8/2011)
Occupy Atlanta

Tonight at 9pm Occupy Atlanta will hold a press conference where they will provide updates on the Occupation of the foreclosed Rorey family home. Last week, Tawanna Rorey’s husband, a police officer based in Gwinnett County, e-mailed Occupy Atlanta to explain that his home was going to be foreclosed on and his family was in danger of being evicted on Monday. So within a few hours Occupy Atlanta developed an action plan to move to Snellville, Georgia on Monday to stop the foreclosure. At least two dozen protesters encamped on the family’s lawn, to the applause of neighbors and bystanders. Occupy Atlanta set up two tents in the front yard, draped a “This Home is Occupied” sign over the porch railing and handed out bottled water and granola bars to other members. Tonight the group is expected to announce the formation of Occupy Gwinnet whose first action will be to take over the occupation of the Rorey house as well as research other wrongful foreclosures in Gwinnet. Gwinnet has the 4th highest foreclosure rate in the country.




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